Friday, March 14, 2014

Around Here...

Hello Friends. No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth. I have a continual debate in my head whether I should close down this blog or not. My last post was in October- so obviously I am being a pretty lackluster blogger. I actually started another blog over on Word Press, under a completely new name. I had big plans on "reinventing" myself- new blog, new Etsy shop name, new look, fresh start. In reality all of those things will just have to wait until I enter another season of life. At some point I need to come to terms with my current reality...which is all motherhood, all the time.

Being a Mommy to Miss Nora pretty much takes up every waking moment. Nora and I are an interesting mix. She is feisty and fiery. She never stops moving ever- she is this ball of energy. Her current state is this less than pleasant mix of teething and not wanting to be away from me for more than two seconds without a total meltdown. And I would say I am not one of those moms who just naturally seem to have it all together and looks so comfortable during all her mommy duties. I think I probably look like one frazzled mess. Sometimes I stop and wonder if everyone around me is aware that I have no idea what I am actually doing. Do they know I am very insecure in this new role? Do they know how lonely I am?

Motherhood is hard work, harder than I ever could have imagined. Not that I would trade one moment of any of it for the whole entire world, because I simply would not. I just can't deny that it has changed every single aspect of my life. Everything goes through a different lens now. My priorities have became very real and very defined. There are lots of things I no longer have time for. Probably the two areas hit hardest are ministry and creative time- and those will be posts for another day.

My days are full of blocks, singing dinosaurs, silly songs, lots and lots of books, and an absurd amount of cheerios. Even though she is a bit grumpy lately due to the teething, she is still so much fun. She is just learning so much right now- it's so fun to see the things she's figuring out. And it's so fun to see her preferences and her personality shining through. And good gracious is she beautiful. I know every parent thinks their child is the cutest...but really, this little girl is just so lovely. There are still moments I look at her and think "how can she be mine?" - how is she even real? This little pumpkin has completely captured my heart. So I may be a poor excuse for a blogger, my Etsy shop may be nearly empty, I might be climbing the walls trying to find the time for some creative outlet, and I may be desperately trying to find my "place" in ministry as the mom of a toddler...but somehow I just know this is exactly where I am supposed to be. And this is life, around here...

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  1. Great post babe! I am so proud of you and thankful for the mother and wife that you are. You're a great mom to Nora! Xoxo