Monday, May 20, 2013

Nora: Seven Months

Hello Friends. Well my little sweetie pie turned seven months old yesterday! Crazy! How can time be going by so quickly? She is changing so rapidly right now and it's so fun to watch.

Just this past month she has started sitting up on her own- still a little wobbly but doing pretty good. She is doing better at rolling. She is riding in the cart like a big girl at Target. We finally gave her the first taste of "food" - peas and she was not a fan. She is doing better at naps. She enjoys routine and familiar people. She is extremely active and always needs to be doing something. She loves strolls around the neighborhood. She loves her "Jenny Jump Up." She is barely squeezing into 9 month clothing and really is more comfortable in 12 month clothing (never expected her to grow so fast!). At her last pediatrician appointment, she measured in the 97th percentile in height and weight. Her head is still above the 97th percentile. She weighs 20 pounds. She's been to her first wedding and just heard Nick preach for the first time this past Sunday. Her eyes are still so blue and we aren't sure if they are going to change- since Nick and I both have green eyes, I really thought she would as well. Her hair is getting crazy and she's developing some major waves. She is generally pretty happy, but has a huge amount of "sass" to her. This little angel really keeps me on my toes. XO


  1. I love these pictures of her :)

  2. She looks FABULOUS in pink :)! Glad to hear all is well with the Abraham family.