Friday, April 19, 2013

Nora: Six Months

Hi Friends. Well my sweet baby girl turned six months old today. This morning as we snuggled in for our morning nap- I thought about the morning of her birth. I thought about how in those early morning hours I couldn't have imagined the love I would feel for this little girl. I mean I knew I would love my baby (obviously), but I never imagined a love like this. She is simply the best adventure. I still look at her beautiful face and can't believe she is mine. A baby completely changes your perspective and makes you reevaluate all your priorities.

We've had Fox news on a lot these past few days. These tragedies in Boston are breaking my heart. And then I started to think about how in her short little life we've watched Hurricane Sandy, the Sandy Hook Shootings, and now this. All the ugliness and upheaval is heavy on my heart. I think about the world she is going to grow up in. I want to shield her, I want to protect her, I want her to know no hurt. As a mother, this is the burden on my heart. However, I know it's not reality.

Anyways-at six months Miss Nora is super fun. She is making all kinds of sounds- for a few days she seemed to find her high pitched voice- and screeched a lot. She is doing great with her cereal (obviously- she's a little piggy). I can't wait to start her on some "real" foods soon. She has great hand eye coordination and is very accurate at reaching for and picking up toys. She is getting close to sitting up by herself (her poor head is so big, she really tends to tip over most tries). She kicks her legs like crazy and I swear she is ready to jump up and run away. She all of a sudden likes to "stand" on our laps- with us holding on tightly she is putting weight on her legs. She wants constant attention- if I dare walk out of the room, I certainly hear about it very quickly. She lights up when she sees her Daddy and loves to put her hands all over his face when he gets home from work. She is doing a little bit better with naps, but she isn't great by any means. She is going to bed around 8 and sleeps until about 7:30 in the morning. She has grown out of all her six month clothes and has long been out of her size 2 diapers.  It amazes me how quickly she is growing!

And just a side note- sorry for the lack of posting lately. She really is keeping me on my toes. And I have been loving Instagram lately- it's just so much easier and quicker. If you are interested in following me- search for Navarrecharm. XO

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