Sunday, March 3, 2013

Disney Getaway, Part 4

Hello Friends. All good things must come to an with our lovely little vacation. Disney's Magical Express was picking us up 4:45 AM, wow that felt early. I didn't sleep well, I don't know if I was afraid we were going to miss our bus, or if my sunburn just hurt too bad? Either way, I was up around 2 AM. So we got up threw on clothes, brushed our teeth, and made our way to the front of the hotel. I had that sad feeling you get when you are about to head back to reality, I sort of wanted just one more day.

We finally got to the airport and security at Orlando went much better than it did at Cleveland. We eventually got on the plane- which was running behind due to air traffic issues in Chicago (which was where we were heading). We were nervous we were going to miss our connecting flight- but every thing worked out and we arrived at Chicago with about an hour until our connecting flight took off. The reason we had to have such an early flight out was because back in November Nick got tickets to see an author speak/ book signing in Cleveland. So, we needed to be back in plenty of time for us to get home and him to head back up North. Anyways, so we make our way over to one of the flight boards only to discover that our plane was delayed by four hours!

We decided to eat at the airport Chili's- just to have a decent place to sit and relax for a bit. That airport was like a zoo- so many people and everyone looked miserable. The only good thing- there were lots of Starbucks. After lunch we walked around for a bit until we just decided to settle in at the United gate. Our flight kept getting pushed back. Our plane was apparently stuck in Salt Lake City. We finally boarded our plane around 3 Chicago time...and then we sat on the runway for over 45 minutes. The pilot got on and said they were having mechanical issues- which makes you feel really excited to fly! We finally landed in Cleveland around 6:30...and then had to drive an hour home. Nick obviously missed his author/book signing. We were so exhausted. We stopped at Chipotle for a quick dinner and got home at 8. Traveling can certainly be miserable, it can almost make you forget how relaxing the vacation was. But after a good night's sleep, you put the bad parts behind you, and just remember the good parts. And nearly every day since we have been home we have talked about how we need to start saving now to be able to take Nora to Disney in the future...
At least there was Starbucks

Nachos at Chili's

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