Saturday, March 2, 2013

Disney Getaway, Part 3

Hello Friends. Tuesday was our last full day in Disney and it was just as relaxing as the day before. I woke up and again ate a cupcake on the balcony for breakfast, this time a gluten free/ vegan red velvet. Thank goodness I don't have such bad eating habits at home or I would certainly weigh 400 pounds. Anyways, Tuesday was pretty rainy, so I stayed on the balcony in my pajamas and continued to read "The Church Planting Wife." That book really spoke to my heart on this trip. Nick is very seriously considering planting a church in the future, so I guess I figured I better get on board and figure out what in the world church planting even means. This book gave me lots of clarity and insight...and also challenged me in many ways.

I had a 1:30 lunch reservation back at The Captain's Grille. I didn't mind being alone during most of the trip, but this lunch wasn't very fun. My waiter was odd and he kept lingering at my table. My tomato and mozzarella sandwich was pretty delicious though.The weather cleared up late afternoon and I went back to the pool. This time however, I used my brain, and sat under a covering to avoid the sunshine. I couldn't bear the idea of my sunburn getting even worse.

When Nick was all finished with his last meeting of the day we decided to have dinner. We contemplated heading to Downtown Disney for one last adventure, but I was pretty tired. We went back to The Captain's Grille for dinner (I know this was was our third trip there in our short stay, but it was just so close and easy to eat there). I had a delicious pesto pasta. I am so impressed with the way Disney handles food allergies. The chef comes out to talk with you at each meal. They were beyond helpful with Nick's diet- Chef Anthony sent Nick out extra gluten free goodies.

We ended the evening walking along the pier and boardwalk. There was a nice fireworks display over the water which was gorgeous. We grabbed some ice cream and sat by the pool for our last little bit of vacation. We had some great conversation. And I knew at that point, this trip was a success. The combination of time with the hubby, the warm Florida air, the decadent food, being able to put on make up and wear a dress out to dinner every night...all these things were so good for me. I missed Nora so much, but I needed this little trip. I needed to be refreshed.

Tomorrow I will finish with our trip home- which was sort of a mild version of what I think hell might be like. Stay tuned. :)

Yes, again a cupcake for breakfast

Nick came to visit with me during one of his breaks

Loved the scenery by the pool

Delicious Pesto Pasta from Captain's Grille 

Fireworks over the water- a perfect way to end the night

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