Friday, February 22, 2013

Separation Anxiety

Hello Friends. So, I am full of mixed emotions right now. A few weeks ago Nick's boss asked him if he would be willing to go to a conference for a computer system they use at work. He asked his boss if I could go and she said I could, we would obviously just have to pay for my ticket and meals. We had to let her know two days later. We decided to go for it- to take a trip just Nick and I. The conference is at The Disney Yacht Club, which looks amazing. The thought of leaving the chilly Ohio winter behind me for a few days and soaking up the sun in Florida does sound pretty nice. And the thought of spending some much needed quality time with my husband is badly needed right now.

However, as soon as I said yes to going I immediately regretted it. All I can think about is being away from my little pumpkin. My heart hurts so bad right now. I am with her all day every day and have rarely been away from her for the past four months- to be without her for nearly four days makes me wonder why in the world I thought this would be a good idea. The Grandma's are watching her- so I know she will be spoiled rotten and be just fine. But- I just can't stand the thought of being without her. I fear I am going to spend my little vacation crying into my pillow. She shapes every part of my day- every part of my life- I have no idea how I am going to function without having her to attend to. How will I make it through the day without her snuggles, her smiles, or just looking at her beautiful face? We leave Sunday morning...

Check out this crazy hair....

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