Thursday, February 28, 2013

Disney Getaway, Part 1

Hello Friends. We made it back from our Disney getaway last night. In order to tell you about our adventure, I thought I would break it up into parts by day. Sunday morning we left the house around 5:30 AM to head to the Cleveland Airport. Driving away from our house, and our baby, was so hard. It felt so wrong to leave her, even though I knew she was in very capable and loving hands. I hadn't been to an airport in a few years and had forgotten how much fun it was to go through security. I got a lovely pat down because who knows what showed up on the full body x-ray. I was a little bummed heading into the flight because Nick and I didn't have seats together. But luckily I got to sit next to a sweet little girl- who just happened to puke during the flight (oh my). Once through the flight we hopped on Disney's Magical Express to take us to our hotel. By this point everything was feeling a tad miserable. I hadn't eaten a thing all morning and it was now going on 1:30.

We finally arrived at the hotel and I was pleasantly surprised- it was so welcoming. We went right away to one of the hotel restaurants (The Captain's Grille) and ate lunch. Things were starting to feel better. After lunch we hit the pool for just a little bit- although it was lightly raining it was still fun. After swimming we met up with Nick's co-workers and went to Downtown Disney. We ate dinner at Portobello's, sitting on the water, and I had the best lasagna of my life. We then went to BabyCakes NYC to get some gluten free/vegan cupcakes.

I felt myself finally starting to relax. I really enjoyed being able to spend some quality time with Nick. I really enjoyed putting on a dress and heading out for dinner. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of Downtown Disney- the great food, the street performers, the energy of the area. It was so different from the life I typically lead. I had to come to the realization that I had to let go of my guilt. If I didn't let go and enjoy myself, then really what would have been the point of the trip? Being grumpy wouldn't have got me home to Nora any sooner.

Adam, Amber, Buzz, Me, & Nick

BabyCakes NYC

Hello Cupcakes!

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