Monday, February 4, 2013

Birthday Thoughts...

Hello Friends. My birthday happens to be Wednesday and I am turning the big 3-0! So this past weekend Nick and I were planning on going out to celebrate. We had Nick's Mom set up to babysit Miss Nora and we were going to head up to Cleveland. We were going to do a tiny bit of shopping and planned to have lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. I was really excited about the chance to get out of the house a little bit.

I am typically someone who likes their birthday perhaps a little too much. I once worked with a guy who said if you were over the age of six and still made a big deal about your birthday then you had no class! I remember when he said it I thought to myself, "buddy, you have no idea who you are talking to!" I typically will celebrate my birthday for the entire week surrounding it.

But when Saturday morning rolled around- suddenly none of it sounded appealing at all. The thought of leaving Nora, of spending money we really don't have, and dealing with a crowded shopping mall seemed down right miserable. So, we decided to stay home in our pajamas all day, hang out with our amazing daughter, and clean the house! Somewhere in the middle of the day I looked over at Nick and Nora and realized this is my new life. I love being home, I love spending time with Nora, and I love the simpleness of it all. The only fancy part of the entire day- the gluten free cinnamon pancakes with sugary glaze that Nick made us for breakfast (yum).

I am not saying my birthday will go by unnoticed. This weekend I will be spending some time out and about with my mom. Saturday morning my dad and I are going to our favorite antique fair. And at the end of the month Nick and I have a little something delightful planned. But Saturday felt just right. I got to celebrate the important things- home and family. More birthday thoughts to come later this week...

These pancakes were amazing!


  1. Happy (early) birthday! I am so with you...I always expect to celebrate my birthday for the entire week ;) luckily, my husband indulges me. p.s. Those pancakes look delicious (as does most food these days!) lol.

  2. Those cinnamon pancakes look DIVINE :)! So glad to hear you had a wonderful Saturday spending time with your adorable little family. PJ DAYS ROCK! Looking forward to seeing you again soon! Much love to you :)--Stephanie H.