Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bump Update...38 Weeks

Hi Friends. Time for a little (or not so little) bump update. Wow- I am feeling huge right now! There are moments when I catch a glimpse of myself from the side and I still do a double take. This belly is massive. I am less than two weeks away, which is so exciting. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow- and we will be discussing the possibility of being induced. At my appointment last week, I was told they could technically induce me at 39 weeks due to the gestational diabetes- that would mean they could induce as early as Monday. There is a huge mix of excitement and terror as I think about that. Part of me says, "bring it on" and part of me says "oh goodness I am not ready for this."

I am feeling so scattered right now. I have spent so much time getting the house together, shopping for those few last minute items I think she will need, and getting her little nursery just the way I want it. My mind feels like it's always racing- and never settled. I have a million thank you cards to write, phone calls to return, and a short last minute wish list of things I hope to fit in before her arrival. I wonder if I will actually get any of it done? I find that the only thing I really want to do is crawl into Nick's arms when he gets home from work each night and talk about how I can't believe that this is happening- that we are about to be parents. Since we got married, Nick has wanted a baby so badly- and I was never ready...and now ready or not...Miss Nora Grace is about to arrive! XO


  1. Aww! How exciting! You look great! I can't imagine how nervous and excited you have to be feeling. You will be a great mom. Good luck at your appointment and hopefully you get to fit in all that last minute stuff before her arrival! :)