Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hello September

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Hello Friends. Where did August run off to? It's hard to believe yet another month gone- summer is creeping to an end. For the first time ever, I am looking forward to Fall. I normally dislike Fall so much simply because it leads into winter (and Ohio winters are usually pretty miserable). But this year, Fall seems like it can't come soon enough, like it will be such a welcomed change. The most exciting thing about this Fall will, of course, be welcoming our little pumpkin in October. Now more than ever, I am looking forward to her arrival. Our countdown is at nearly 50 days- give or take.

I also hope to enter into this season with a more grateful heart. Lately, with the pregnancy complications I have been experiencing, I feel like I have been in "just get through it" mode. The gestational diabetes makes eating not so fun- nor social gatherings involving food, nor going out to eat. The PUPPP has caused so much discomfort and I certainly haven't spent much time outside of the house. Plus, being in my 8th month- I am feeling extra tired and just a bit uncomfortable. When you don't feel great- it's hard to focus on anything else- it all feels consuming.

However, all this time, there have been some beautiful blessings all around me. First off- Miss Nora is doing great, she is healthy as can be. Nick has been AMAZING through everything- so supportive and encouraging. A few weeks ago my wonderful friend Alli took me to get a pedicure (not just a standard pedicure- a deluxe pedicure, which I would have never splurged on for myself). Let me just tell you- this pedicure was pure indulgence and something I enjoyed so very much (thanks Alli- you are one in a million)! My Sister-In-Law sent me a huge box full of baby clothes- I am talking like 50 items. I yelled when I opened it...I was so surprised and excited. A few dear friends have planned get togethers with me this month- and I am so truly excited and grateful to spend time with all these ladies. I am pretty sure I have this whole carb thing down to a science and know what I can and can't eat. There have been several hour stretches over the last couple days that I am feeling some relief from the PUPPP. Things are good, not perfect, as they never are, but good. I have so much goodness around me- and sometimes I am too blind to even see it. This month I truly hope that I can hold gratitude more closely to my heart! XO

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