Wednesday, September 5, 2012

33 Week Ultrasound...Part 1

Hi Friends. How is your week coming along? I had an ultrasound this morning. Little Nora isn't so little fact she looks so squished in there, I feel bad for her. All her measurements were fine, however my placenta isn't holding enough fluid. Lovely...just lovely. So, I get to be on bed rest until Friday, when I go back for yet another ultrasound. I will tell you's hard work.

To be honest, I think I left my appointment today with more questions than I went in with. I had a new doctor today and she seemed rather confused by my PUPPP. She also questioned why I was loosing weight (hello gestational diabetes diet- I am hungry all the time). It all around felt like a slightly dissatisfying experience. But, some visits just go that way I guess. Nick and I got to head out to breakfast afterwards, which was nice.

I want to feel discouraged right now, I really do. But, this is just another little thing to get through. I will rest as I am supposed to (even though everything in me wants to take a little shopping trip to Target to make myself feel better). I am sure once they take a look at everything again on Friday- it will all be fine.

One very bright spot- my Brother and his Wife had their 4th baby yesterday! I am over the moon about it. It's funny, since we got pregnant so close together, I kept thinking about their baby- and once he arrived, how then Nora would be so soon afterwards. Now that he is here...I am even more anxious for my little Noodle to come along. XO

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