Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Third Trimester Thoughts

Hello Friends. How are you? Things have felt a little quiet around the blog for the past week or so. I wish it was because I was off having some magical time on vacation- but sadly it was only quiet due to yet another pregnancy complication. I thought gestational diabetes was going to be the big hurdle of this pregnancy. I thought dealing with all the feelings and stresses that go along with teaching yourself an entirely new way of thinking about food, of feeling hungry most of the time, and about being beyond obsessive about every little nibble that goes into my mouth was going to be the third trimester "thing" to triumph over. Well, I was wrong...

About a week and a half ago I started developing a weird rash. Well this weird rash kept growing and growing and is now covering large portions of my body. It's as itchy as poison ivy and spreads like wild fire. It keeps me up at night and brings me to tears several times a day. I had a doctors appointment today and it was confirmed- I have a lovely pregnancy condition called PUPPP. It's proof that satan is alive and working. This lovely condition only affects 1 out of 200 first time moms- and 70% of the time it's mothers of boys or multiples. I have read so many things online and still can't get a clear understanding of why this happens. My doctor described it today as if my body were allergic to my placenta. It won't go away until after I deliver and we can only fumble around and try to see if anything helps me cope with the symptoms. Some of my itchy spots are the size of my fist. 

I fully realize and understand that it could be one hundred times worse. But I have to tell you- all this painful itching is maddening. The combination of PUPPP plus gestational diabetes seems just wickedly unfair. I am so puzzled by these women that think pregnancy is so beautiful and seem to just breeze through it. I can tell you now- I would bet the farm on the fact that Nora will be an only child unless we adopt down the road. I have such a profound new respect for all mothers out there- having endured such a crazy thing as pregnancy is in many ways nothing short of a miracle. And to the mothers of multiple children- you all deserve awards. 

I have another doctors appointment next week to check on the progress of things. Along with that appointment I also get an ultrasound to check on Miss Nora's size. I am really looking forward to seeing her again. And on another positive note- my doctor (who had gestational diabetes with both of her girls) said my numbers look great and were even better than hers when she was pregnant. So, at least for now, I have the sugar thing under control, which is a relief. And I know as soon as I hold her in my arms- all this will be worth it. It's just getting through the next 8 weeks- oh, Lord give me strength! XO

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  1. I'm so sorry you're having such a rough time with your pregnancy. Prayers are going out for you!