Monday, August 6, 2012

More Cake...

Source: via Audrey on Pinterest

Hello Friends. How was your weekend? I am proud to say that I survived another party...or should I say, survived another temptation to indulge in a glorious piece of cake. Sunday afternoon there was a birthday party for Nick's grandpa. His Grandma always goes to great lengths to make sure Nick has a gluten free cake to enjoy at any family party. So, not only did they have a gigantic vanilla sheet cake and salted caramel ice cream but they also had a gluten free chocolate cake. Once again, everyone had plates piled high with cake and ice cream...and I sat with my delicious cup of water and just smiled. I did so much better than the last party- no crying at all! Nick was so sweet, I saw him fill up his plate and then linger at the other side of the room- as to not tempt me with his plate full of decadence. I think I am slowly getting used to all this. Don't get me wrong- part of me feels very hungry and very frustrated. But part of me is beginning to accept this new part of my life...part of me knows I need to suck it up and just get through it. I have to give myself enough grace to realize this is only the beginning of week #2, there is still a learning curve, still an adjustment period, and still time to figure out an entirely new way of eating. xo

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