Monday, July 23, 2012

Three Pregnant Ladies

Hello Friends. I took a bit of a blog hiatus. We have spent an entire week focused on Nora's room and I have been exhausted. I never dreamed that such a tiny room could turn into so much work. We have made such great strides- it looks like a whole new room. Almost everything is complete except for a few finishing touches- like curtains and art work on the walls. It is such a precious little room and I can't wait to take some photos to share with all of you.

Two weeks ago we had a little gathering with some of our closest friends. Three of the four ladies present were pregnant- so we were quite a bunch. It felt so good to be around other pregnant ladies. When you are around women who aren't pregnant I think you find yourself constantly comparing yourself- why am I so chubby, why am I so tired, why do I waddle when I walk. Being in the company of wonderful women in the same boat- it was good for my soul. Since we had the party- my two friends have both given birth to beautiful baby girls! It's hard to believe I am next- although at only 27 weeks today, I know I still have a bit of a way to go.

But things seem to be moving so fast. Her room is nearly done, we just finished her registry this weekend (can I tell you how much I love Target), and I scheduled us for all our classes. A month from now we will hopefully be in Hilton Head. Part of me feels like I have been pregnant forever and part of me realizes that I am going to blink and she is going to be kicking her way into the world. It has been such a crazy adventure. XO

Me, Tara, & Ashley

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