Thursday, July 26, 2012

Say Goodbye to The Sweet Life

Hello Friends. People kept asking me how my pregnancy was going- and I was almost embarrassed to admit how fairly easy it has been. Sure I have had my ups and downs- and trust me there have been days where I am ready to be done with feeling like a little whale. Well- the news came down yesterday- I have gestational diabetes. I was pretty surprised to be honest. The nurse told me I am now considered a "high risk" pregnancy and that I would have to begin monitoring my blood sugar 5 times a day with a glucometer.

Next week I have a regular visit to my doctor, an appointment with a nurse to show me how to use my glucometer, and another appointment with a dietician. And the icing on the cake- my insurance will not cover a dime of it (just lovely). The pharmacist called me yesterday afternoon to let me know the test strips alone are $120 for a 20 day supply. By the end of the afternoon yesterday I pretty much wanted to curl into a ball and cry.

 I know things could be so much worse- my numbers were only barely above where they needed to be-and I should be able to control this fairly well with diet and exercise, but I feel defeated and overwhelmed. I went online to try and do some research and I pretty much just felt confused. I have begun counting carbs and got my behind on the treadmill yesterday and this morning. I have also started a food journal. I have to realize the gravity of this situation and I am fully committed to cutting out whatever I need to cut out. This means no more mindless snacking, no more trips to Dairy Queen, and no more eating a little extra dessert because some is for me and some is for Nora. Once I get the hang of it, I realize it will just be about making better choices, and as a result make me a healthier person. Of course I may become that healthier person- kicking and screaming- and wishing for a donut! XO

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  1. But you don't really like donuts :). It's gonna be alright sweetie, this has only proved what I have always thought, you are just too darn sweet! :) XOXO