Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weekend of Celebrations

Hi Friends. How was your weekend? Nick and I had a weekend that seemed full of celebrations. Late last week Nick suggested we get out of town to celebrate our anniversary (six wonderful years). I tend to not be spontaneous at all and worry too much about money- so my initial reaction was no way. However, I could see that this was important to Nick, so I reluctantly agreed.

Friday afternoon we headed down to Columbus. We had an early dinner at P.F. Changs, walked through a couple shops, saw Madagascar 3, and finally had delicious dessert sitting outside by candlelight at Cheesecake Factory. Over dessert we had some great conversations and I was really glad we had decided to take on this little adventure. We finally walked back to our hotel around 11:30. We had great plans of relaxing and shopping the next day.

Unfortunately I woke up very sick Saturday morning. Luckily checkout wasn't until Noon- so I spent the entire morning in bed. Poor Nick had to run all over the place to find me medicine. I was so disappointed, but there was nothing left to do but head straight home. I feared that I had ruined the day. However, once I had rested a bit, Nick decided to grill out for dinner. We even had yummy s'mores for dessert. It certainly wasn't fancy- but it was sweet and I appreciated it very much.

On Sunday we had a good Father's Day, although I still wasn't feeling particularly well. I made Nick a card from baby Nora, using one of our ultrasound photos- which turned out pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. XO

Anniversary Dessert  
Such a handsome hubby

Some outdoor delights

Love these flowers

Father's Day card from Baby Nora

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