Friday, June 1, 2012

Etsy Neglect & A Parade

Hello Friends. Happy Friday to you. I can't believe the weekend is here already, but I am so grateful because weekends usually mean more time with my hubby. Our goal for this week was to reinstate a weekly date night and guess what- we succeeded! We went to a local festival Thursday night where we ate way too much food (did you know they make something called a fudge puppy- which is a deep fried hostess cupcake?) and watched a parade. Growing up we were never big on going to parades or festivals, so it is something a little bit different for me. Nick has great memories of doing this as a child so it was fun to watch the nostalgic look on his face. And I have to admit I can really enjoy the small town feel of a local festival. It was a very cute little date.

Anyways, my Etsy shop has been suffering some major neglect. It's not that I don't have plenty of items to fill up the shop because I certainly do, it just seems impossible for me to get around to taking photos and create listings. There is so much work that goes into the behind the scenes activities that make up a shop. But finally this week, I spent an entire afternoon shooting and yesterday and today listing new items. I still have a mountain of stuff to list- but I thought this was a pretty good start. XO

Perfect Mug & Brush set for Father's Day

American Family Scale- sold out in one day

Love the rusty look of the Columbia Family Scale 

Red Rose Hanky

Pink Rose Hanky

Hot Pink Crochet Trim Hanky

Stack of Vintage Hankies 

Wow- love this J&J display piece 

Vintage Quilt Pillow

Seed Bag Pillow- love the colors

Stack of Ohio Farmers Pillows

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