Saturday, June 2, 2012

Baby Thoughts...Sugar & Spice

Hi Friends. So Tuesday we have our ultrasound to hopefully reveal our baby's gender. For some reason I really think we are having a boy- but I certainly have no justifiable reason to think so. I feel like I have been waiting for this moment since we found out we were first pregnant at seven weeks. I am so anxious for the little things- like decorating the nursery for either a boy or girl, picking out either super girlie dresses or navy blue t-shirts, and thinking about what fun items to add to the registry. However, I just want to be able to start calling my baby by name, to start to be able to give our baby an identity.

So I was thinking about what it would mean to have a little girl. I was thinking about the ruffled bloomers, the pink striped leggings, and the beyond precious hair bows. I was thinking about how my Mom is my best friend and how I could just imagine the bond I would form with my own daughter. I think about prom dresses, school crushes, and slumber parties. But I find myself thinking more and more about what it means to grow up in our crazy world as a little lady. I think about the pressures she would face, the media that seems out to destroy every girl's body image, the heartbreaks she might face. I think about the mistakes I made growing up. I think about how will I teach her to love the Lord and be a woman of integrity? My heart is full of fear and wonder as I think about the possibility of a little lady. Tomorrow I hope to post my thoughts on a possibility of a little boy. XO

Source: via Anna on Pinterest
Source: via Anna on Pinterest

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