Sunday, June 3, 2012

Baby Thoughts...Little Man

Hello Friends. So again- we don't have our ultrasound until Tuesday but I have been thinking so much about gender. Yesterday I posted my thoughts on having a sweet little girl, today these are my thoughts on  if we had a wee little man. Off the bat I feel way more intimidated by the idea of a boy. I remember when a friend first told me about a "Peepee Teepee" (or tinkle tent) and I thought to myself, "Oh Dear Lord, no thank you!" I think about all the energy involved with a little boy- and all the mud puddles they seem to want to play in. I think about how if our little boy looked anything like my husband, I would have to lock him up to keep all the little girls away! I think about Nick being able to play baseball in the backyard and tromp through the woods with our little man. I think about the cute little navy blue clothing with guitars and mustaches.

But what I think about the most- is the shortage of good men out there. I think about how I really feel that manhood/fatherhood/masculinity seems under attack. I think about how Nick and I both have pretty deep "dad issues" and how a lot of people I know are in the same boat. I think about the awesome responsibility of raising up a good little man- that will one day be a good student, a good friend, a good worker, a good husband, a good father, and most importantly a man after God's heart. How will I teach my little man to build up his character and develop him as a future leader? The idea of being able to lay the correct foundations and to send a great man into the world is a really exciting thought for me. I know one thing- Nick will be the best dad in the whole wide world, which would give our little guy such a great role model.

Well friends- I am so excited to (hopefully) be able to reveal our baby's gender very soon. I can't believe tomorrow I am at 20 weeks- technically half way there. It has flown by and I know before I know it, I will be welcoming our sweet little baby into the world- which is such a beautiful mix of emotions. XO

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