Monday, May 14, 2012

LU Graduation

Hi Friends. We had such a terrific weekend in Virginia. I have to tell you I love this state- and big things always seem to happen to us here. We fell in love with Virginia years ago on a trip with our college class. We made several trips to Williamsburg and eventually knew we wanted to get married in Jamestown. We hadn't been back to the state since we got married in 2006. I was eager for the chance to head back down for Nick's graduation. Although I had no idea what to expect of Liberty University. It's amazing that my husband attended there full time for 4.5 years and we never stepped foot on campus. The school did not disappoint, but in fact exceeded my expectations. I felt an instant connection to this school and felt instantly welcomed into the LU family.

It was a very busy weekend. Friday Nick had to take part in a practice graduation for the seminary students. After that he had to "check in" and pick up his honor cord. Around 2:00 they hosted an online student reception in the football stadium. There was tons of food, speakers, and faculty was there to meet face to face. It was packed, but it was a really great welcome. Friday night we attended the Baccalaureate Service. It was amazing. The speaker was Luis Palau and he was one of the best speakers I have ever heard- gave a very motivational speech to the graduates and I love that he included the gospel message. The LU Chamber Choir sang- and they sounded like angels, no joke, it was so beautiful.

Saturday was jam packed as well. The graduates needed to arrive at the school no later than 6:30 AM. Well, the closest hotel we could find for the weekend was in Charlottesville, so we had over an hour drive plus traffic concerns. Our alarm went off at 3:45...oh my was that early! We got to the school just in time to miss the parking rush. We did have to wait in line for about half an hour, but it was a beautiful morning, so that was just fine with me. We finally got into the stadium around 7:00 AM and got seats. The grand processional began somewhere around 8:45. There main event of this graduation was Mitt Romney delivering the commencement address. There were several other speakers and it was all around very inspiring. At 3:00 was the seminary specific graduation, where everyone's name was actually called and the graduated walked across the stage. This took place at Thomas Road Baptist Church which was beautiful. At the end of the service the faculty prayed over the graduates and it was so moving.

Seeing Nick finally graduate was the best feeling ever. I am so very very proud of him. Sitting through the seminary graduation, there was a big distinction between the M. Div and the other Masters Programs- all the other programs seem to lead to an M. Div and it is the most prestigious Masters Program. Knowing he poured his heart and soul into this, knowing he had very little support or encouragement, knowing there were so many heartbreaks along the way- yet there he was. He has grown so much and learned so much during this experience. And I am certain God has big plans for him and someday (God willing) he will be the best pastor.

Sunday was a special day. Being pregnant, Mother's Day just seemed a little extra meaningful this year. While I was getting ready in the morning, Nick snuck a Mother's Day card into the bathroom. It was from him and the baby- and yes I cried. We had decided the night before that it was nuts to be in Charlottesville and not go visit Monticello. So, for Mother's Day I got to take my Mom to Thomas Jefferson's house- which she loved. We finally arrived at home around 9:30 last night. Nick was up until Midnight finishing his last paper. How odd that he graduated on Saturday, yet spent Sunday night working on a paper. Oh well- nothing like last minute! Our trip was wonderful though. We had certainly wished more of his family could have attended, but his wonderful Grandparents were there to cheer him on. I feel like it still hasn't hit me yet, Nick has been in school since we first met. Although I truly believe he will at some point go back and get his Ph.D, at least for now, school is all done. We are so blessed....

One proud wife!

Nick @ the online student reception

Baccalaureate Service 

Nick with Dr. Elmer Towns

Monticello for Mother's Day

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