Monday, May 21, 2012

Garage Sale & Grad Party

Good Morning Friends. What a weekend! Friday and Saturday our darling town of Navarre hosted it's annual garage sales. We got a late start. We always promise each other every year we will start pricing days before. Well, Friday morning we finally made it out to the garage- around 10 am. Everything was in piles and it was a big old mess. But, we trudged through it all and got everything priced and displayed by 11. I think the worst part about garage sales is the set up- it always feels so chaotic to me. But Friday went really well. We had some return shoppers from last year who hit us up early- it's a good sign when people come back from year to year. We closed down shop at 3:30.

Saturday we got set up by 9 and had a slow start. But once things got rolling we were very happy with how things turned out. No grumpy customers this year and in fact, we met tons of really wonderful people. It was actually kinda fun this year. I think it helps that we don't have a lot of "junk" rather we have nice things that we just don't have room or purpose for any longer. We closed down shop by 2 and then made a run to GoodWill. There are still some things to sort through and organize in the garage, but I think we unloaded a fair amount of stuff. We made around $300- which is amazing (I felt like a rich woman), which will help with gas for vacation.

Sunday I hosted Nick's graduation party at our church. It really turned out nice. I didn't ask people to RSVP, so I was really a bit terrified no one would show up. However, the place was packed and we had so set up extra tables. Almost everyone from our former church (the one Nick pastored for a year and a half) showed up. My heart was full of gladness. We got to catch up with so many people and I think Nick felt wonderfully supported. We had two very popular questions- the first being what is next for Nick. That is a hard question- if only we knew what God was up to, if only we knew His plans. The next popular question- people kept asking me if I was having twins. I think people momentarily lose all sense around pregnant women. All these comments about my size- when as of my last doctors appointment, I had only gained four pounds at the 16 weeks I was then- really!? Think people think! Anyways, it was a wonderfully full weekend, but I am glad it is all over. I need some time to just relax! XO

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