Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wishing For Summer

Hi Friends. Yesterday we were so spoiled, it was seventy degrees and sunny all day. And today- grey skies, rain, and a chilliness in the air. Bummer. Yesterday really made me wish for summer. Summer is without a doubt my favorite season- although I wonder if I will be able to appreciate it as much being pregnant. I wonder if the blazing hot sun will feel as good with all the extra weight? I wonder how it's going to feel actually seeing myself in a maternity swimsuit (I am dreading that moment, I am not going to lie). I wonder if I am going to be able to be adventurous in our travels, having to stop every 5 minutes to use the bathroom. I know this summer will be unique, it will have many firsts, and be unlike any other summer before. But I am really looking forward to it- waddling around in flip flops, drinking lemon aid, and swimming in my Mom's back yard. We are hopeful for a summer vacation in late August, but we will just have to see if I am up for the journey. It's so weird to think this will be the last summer of just Nick and I. Sometimes the reality hits and I realize my whole entire world is about to change. Somedays I wonder- am I really ready for all this? But for now, I will just stare at the rainclouds and wish for summer. XO

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