Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Windy City

Hi Friends. I am just getting back from a little trip to Chicago. The main purpose of the trip was for my husband and our pastor to attend a two day conference at Wheaton College on the topic of Dietrich Bonhoeffer (theologian, pastor, & martyr). Our pastor's wife, Marsha, and I went along to enjoy the city.

Thursday Marsha and I hopped on a train and headed into the city. The one thing we really wanted to visit was the Shedd Aquarium. Marsha told me Wednesday evening, "don't worry, the Aquarium is only a two mile walk from the train station." I just about passed out. Any other time, that wouldn't seem to bad- however, being in my first trimester, when I am used to napping twice a day, I surely thought this might kill me! But I was up for the adventure.

We eventually made our way to Millennium Park and saw the famous "Bean." It was fun to sit on a bench and watch all the school kids race around looking at the bean. We then walked through the gardens, which are surprising to find in the middle of the city. We traveled on Lake Shore Drive to the Aquarium. Walking along the lake, on a perfectly sunshiny day, was really pleasant. When we finally arrived at the Aquarium around noon, we noticed a very long line. After half an hour we finally got into the Aquarium, only to wait in another line for lunch. After we ate lunch in a part of the Aquarium that overlooked the lake, things slowed down a little bit. My favorite exhibits were the shark tank and the Beluga whales. When we finished at the Aquarium, we hiked it back to the train station just in time to catch the 4:11 train back to Wheaton. I was so happy to sit down!

Friday was much more relaxing. Marsha and I had decided to stay on campus at Wheaton. We went to chapel, visited a little museum featuring the desk The Hobbit was written on, went through the Billy Graham Museum, visited the book store, and sat through several lectures and musical performances. Wheaton College is quite amazing- truth be told, I think in the back of Nick's mind he was thinking he would love to do a doctorate at a school like this. We ate most meals in the cafeteria- which is ranked one of the best in the country and it was so yummy. The cafeteria even had a gluten free section which was impressive.

It was nice to be able to experience life on campus and life in the city. I throughly enjoyed our trip. Although I do estimate Marsha and I walked over five miles on Thursday, so my legs still hurt! It was also wonderful to spend time with our pastor and his wife. They have poured so much into our lives these last few years, it was wonderful to have this experience with them. And although every time I visit a big city, I am reminded that I am certainly a small town girl at heart, it was still a refreshing little get away. XO

The Bean

The Gardens

Line to get into the Aquarium

Sky Line from outside the Aquarium

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