Monday, April 9, 2012

Things I Heart: Maternity Style

Hi Friends. I know it's been a long time...still blaming it on "baby brain." All I can think about is this little plum sized blessing growing inside of me. This week I hit twelve the home stretch of the first trimester. I am still feeling pretty well- save the complete and utter exhaustion, the realization that baby isn't crazy about Mexican food, & the fact that I am feeling a little whale like. Here is one thing I did not expect- I really enjoy maternity clothing. The fact that there is a stretchy panel at the top of my pants/jeans/ leggings that supports my expanding tummy makes me wonder how I could really ever go back to regular muffin-top inducing pants? And I have read several maternity clothing articles that suggest that right now accessories are your best friend- so I have been enjoying letting a few cute accessories take center stage. Below are some images of truly stylish pregnant ladies....

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