Friday, April 20, 2012

Things I Heart: Mason Jars

Hi Friends. Happy Friday to you. Today I just wanted to share my simple love for Mason Jars. It's funny, growing up, we drank out of wide mouth Mason Jars- which has now become trendy again. There were always Mason Jars around the house and I never really paid that much attention to them. But once I started really noticing them at Antique shops- how different they all were, different designs, color variations, and shapes- I became enamored. I display a collection of blue jars in my hallway in a built in bookcase. Every time I get flowers, I just bring down a jar and I have the perfect display vessel. I even think for Nick's graduation party coming up in May, I am going to use blue jars as a simple center piece. This morning I took some pictures of some random jars that I have sitting around, some are listed in my Etsy shop, others are just jars that haven't yet found a home around my home. Who knew such a simple glass jar could steal a girl's heart? Anyways, hope everyone has a delightful weekend! XO

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