Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shop Updates

Good Morning Friends. So, I hadn't picked up my camera since I took my pregnancy test. It's weird because I really really really love to take pictures- but I just had no interest. Same with the Etsy shop. Poor shop was so neglected, I just didn't care to update or add anything new. But, enough was enough. My poor disheveled home is full of items just begging to be listed. So, yesterday I finally got it together enough to get some pictures together and list some new goodies in the shop. Of course it wouldn't be a shop update without vintage scales and vintage feed sack pillows now would it? Sad thing is, I still have two more scales left to photograph, about a billion more pillows to list, and a slew of other goodies to put on here. I swear it could all feel overwhelming- but for now, this is a good start. XO

Love the chippy paint on this scale. 
Hello Farmhouse Red!

Perfect fresh color for spring. 

Pioneer Pillow. 

Love the faded red. 

Love the bold graphics.

Great colors on this one. 

I love vintage wooden spools. 

I have been searching for Bingo cards forever. 

Buttons from Mom's sewing stash. 

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  1. love love love your photos what do you shoot with?