Monday, February 6, 2012

Today I Celebrate...

Hello Friends. Today I celebrate my 29th Birthday. My favorite former co-workers took me out to lunch at the little Mexican place we used to eat at once a was delicious. I then stopped by the mall and took my Mom a fancy cup of coffee...thinking it was rather appropriate to thank her for having me! The rest of the week I have lunch dates with some of my favorite people, all wanting to celebrate with me. I always feel so grateful on my birthday, for the wonderful people who have cared enough to send a text, email, or card. I have some really wonderful friends and family. My birthday also makes me reflect, on the past year, and on what I wish for the year to come.

Last year was tough...Mom had a cancer scare, our church fell apart, I decided to leave my job, we were without a church "home" for several painful months and a very special friend went home to The Lord. It was hard and it was lonely. Despite all that I feel oddly hopeful for this coming year. We are settled back into a church we know and love. Nick graduates in May (woo-hoo). We are hopeful (God willing) to start a family this year. I am doing my best to adjust to my new role as "homemaker." We are planning a trip to Wheaton in April to attend a pastors conference, which I am really looking forward to. I just signed up for a several month women's bible study. I am trying to take steps, trying to be open, trying to move beyond my comfort zone. I am such a work in progress, but I have decided that's okay. XO

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