Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Project: Basement Overhaul

Hi Friends. How was your weekend? Do anything fun? We did an overhaul of our basement. You see, we have a really really small house. All of my items for Etsy (things already listed and things yet to be listed) were sort of taking over the house. In such a small space, we needed to utilize every square inch. However, the basement had become a catch all and it was a mess. The basement has no natural light and these awful sandstone walls in sections. To be honest, I was afraid of our basement and was happy enough to ignore it and pretend like it wasn't there. Until my Mom (who loves a project) suggested an overhaul. It made sense. We spent Friday painting the sandstone. Have you ever painted sandstone? It's a miserable experience, but well worth it, the space feels a lot brighter with a coat of white paint. We spent Saturday rearranging, clearing out, repurposing, and building. It's nowhere near complete, but I think we really made big strides this weekend and I am actually starting to warm up to the space!

My favorite part of this transformation is an amazing new L-shaped desk my step dad built for me. He made it out of doors and built custom cubbies underneath for storage. We also put up an industrial shelving unit to hold my Etsy listings. This was huge- to be able to actually see the items listed was so helpful. Prior to this, everything was in a huge bin. So, when I sold something, I had to start digging to try and find it. Now everything has a place and space. There is still lots to do down here, but I am thrilled how much we got done this weekend. Before, the basement was a hodge podge with no order what so ever. Now, there are defined spaces- a cozy nook, a place for the treadmill and weight bench, a delightful space for laundry (with a newly built custom folding table), and my Etsy space. More pictures to come as the basement evolves. XOXO

Before - YIKES!

After- Lots of Desk Space and Cubbies

After- Industrial Shelving Unit

Now everything has a place

Vintage locker baskets help organize 
Little Bits of Inspiration....

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  1. Love your new decorating! You actually have a office- I am wishing that some day i will have one:) xoxo Talk to you soon my friend!