Friday, January 20, 2012

Vintage Scale

Happy Friday Friends. How was your week? I am certainly not at all adjusted to not "working." I went in on Tuesday to wrap up a few things and it was so weird. I pulled in the parking lot and it hit me, I am no longer employed here! I got to say a few needed good-byes and then have lunch with my dearest friend there. It almost doesn't seem real. I think I keep waiting to have to go back and sit in my cubical for eight hours reviewing Medicaid paperwork (oh the monotony)...but actually, I don't! I won't lie, part of me is panicking and thinking what in the world have I done. But, I guess I feel like I am off to new adventures. 

Mom and I visited a few antique shops this week. Two were brand new ones I hadn't been to yet. Yes, they were wonderful. Today I spent a good portion of the day taking pictures for Etsy. The days where lighting is actually good enough to take pictures are few and far between, so I needed to take full advantage. Some of these goodies are going to be hard to let go of. This vintage scale is my favorite find of the week. I would like to keep her and display her in my dinning room...but a girls got to share! XOXO

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