Friday, January 13, 2012

A Unexpected Day Off

Hello Friends. Happy Friday the 13th. So, today was supposed to be my last day at work, but an unlikely thing happened. After I had left for the day yesterday, an email went out that the entire department could take today off! I got a text from a co-worker letting me know....part of me was thrilled. Who doesn't love an unexpected day off? But then I realized I didn't get to say any good-byes! My heart broke, I am one of those people that needs closure. So, I called my supervisor and let him know I still had thing that needed wrapped up. We decided that I could go in Tuesday, as a non-employee, to finish some things up and say my good-byes. How very unexpected it all was. This morning I slept in, got hubby off to work, and took some photos for the Etsy shop. It still hasn't sunk in...I no longer have a job. Part of me wants to panic and part of me wants to do cartwheels! 

Speaking of cartwheels, when I went to bed last night, I was at 99 sales on Etsy. I am coming up on my two year mark with Etsy and was really hoping to get to 100 sales by my anniversary date. Well this morning I logged on and found out a wonderful lady had purchased 9 items from my shop in one transaction! Woo-hoo...I just sailed right past 100 and got to 108. I was really thrilled. I know that doesn't seem like that many sales in 2 years (tell me about it!) but considering it has been a very part time hobby, I am pleased. Have a wonderful weekend my friends! XOXO

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