Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas at a Glance

Like everyone else, I felt like Christmas was such a blur this year. It felt like it came out of nowhere and left like a thief in the night. To be honest I am not sure I really took the time to enjoy it all. I just had so much on my mind. It's funny, for some reason I feel like my life is on pause until my job ends. I can tell you I regret giving a four week's been too long and too consuming. And just because I am a glutton for punishment, I volunteered to stay an extra week to help them get prepared for my departure. So, next Friday (yikes-the 13th) will be my last day. I am hoping after that, I can take a moment to catch my breath. XOXO
Decorations by our front door.

Festive Little Tree.

Love my vintage ice skates hanging on the door.

Open House at a newly discovered antique shop.

Our annual trip to Roscoe Village for the tree lighting.

Hunks of Peppermint Bark in Mason Jars.
This made a really simply, but sweet, gift. 

Mom used vintage postcards and vintage flower frogs on the table this year.
I really loved pretty.

Christmas Dessert...Gluten Free Brownies and Moose Tracks Ice Cream!

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