Sunday, December 4, 2011

Celebrating A Life

Hello Friends. I have to tell you our weekend started off great. I was able to leave work a little bit early on Friday and sit and have coffee with my mom. Later friends had us over for Mexican (yum). We sat and chatted for hours and it was good for my soul. Saturday Nick and I had reservations at our favorite hotel, hoping to be able to recharge from all that's been going on these past few weeks. We went out to dinner, visited some shops, and sat by the fire and talked for hours. It was lovely. However, just as we were about to leave the hotel this morning, we got a text letting us know that our dear friend Margie passed away.

We knew it was coming, that her death was imminent. Margie had pancreatic and breast cancer. The doctors had given her six months, she made it nine. Nick and I would go to her home after church most Sundays and just sit and chat with her. She was beautiful, sweet, and funny. No matter what her health looked like, she still tried to be the best little hostess she could. We loved our visits with her. Our last visit was two weeks ago. She was in hospice. She was confused and didn't seem anything like her delightful self. The last things she said to us as we left that night was that we were her favorite young people. The family has asked Nick to do the funeral, along with her brother. This will be Nick's first funeral. He is nervous, but he is deeply honored. It's so difficult when a friend passes, but knowing Margie is in the arms of our Lord, knowing she will never again hurt, knowing she left behind a beautiful legacy....we must celebrate her life. We were so blessed to have known her, her faith inspired us, and her life touched us. XOXO


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