Monday, November 14, 2011

When a Journey Ends

Hi Friends. So yesterday was an extremely difficult day for Nick and I. There had been some major problems going on in our church for the past few months. We were simply not on the same page as the congregation. Everything began to feel like a battle for us. We felt isolated, frustrated, and an extreme sense of loneliness. We walked into a council meeting last month and were told the church was considering dissolving. It was shocking. We spent the last few weeks waiting for it all to play out, the good and the bad. Yesterday was our final service and I have to admit it tore my heart out. To have to walk away from people you have grown to love, to have to shut the doors of our little church, to close the last chapter of this journey...words can't express my deep sadness. Nick and I continue to battle through the self-doubting, the what-if's, and the why's. I didn't see Nick's first pastoral role ending in this manner. Last Sunday we met with friends for coffee, just to try and make sense out of all that was going on. They told us, "In ministry, you will die a thousand deaths." And I feel like we have our first "death" under our belts. I know someday I will look back at this time and it will make sense, I will know why God put us on this path. But today, I simply do not know. I simply have to trust. XO

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  1. Such a charming photo and yet a sad story.
    I'm sure things will get better for you.
    God always takes care of those who love and seek Him with all their hearts. Just wait and see ^–^