Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas On The Brain

Hello Friends. Today is nearly 60 degrees in my neck of the woods. It doesn't feel like November that's for sure (and for that I am so grateful). It's hard to believe that Christmas will be here before we know it. It seems like anymore, things jump from Halloween straight to Christmas, as though Thanksgiving is just this tiny unimportant blip in-between. I have already made up my list of gifts to purchase for nearly everyone on our list. We are trying to have a budget conscious Christmas this year, so planning ahead does help in knowing how much money to put back. I am always amazed at the amount we spend every year despite all our planning (yikes)! We are trying to do a few more homemade gifts this year (those are the best kind anyway I think). We are also doing practical gift cards (who doesn't love those) and I do my best to purchase anything I can from Etsy (currently obsessing about vintage-vibe Christmas postcards...which gasp...why not send postcards this year?). How about you, have you begun your Christmas planning yet? XOXO

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