Sunday, October 2, 2011

This is the Life...

I came home the other day to Mico all snuggled up in my favorite vintage quilt. I thought to myself, "this is the life." There are moments, days, weeks, and seasons where I wish I could spend my life on the couch, away from the world, safe and protected at home. I have to tell you, these past few weeks have been hard, really hard. It's sorta funny how you never really know what's around the corner. Nick and I were at a council meeting at our church last week...and things turned ugly rather fast, then turned from bad to worse. I thought I was just going to be attending a meeting, but it turned into an event that shook us at our core. We left this meeting rather devastated. We felt incredibly alone. I cried until no more tears could fall. I met up with our former pastor the next afternoon and tried to process through the pains of ministry.

This small event, started all the wheels turning. I am so desperate to know what God is up to in our lives, what are His plans? I wonder, why does Nick feel so called to full time ministry...yet he is a part time pastor, essentially having to plant a church, with a small group of folks who couldn't be any more different than us? He is doing all of this while working full time and attending school full time. I wonder why some men get to become successful pastors and never attend seminary...yet Nick was called to a 90 hour masters program. I wonder why it feels like we are always swimming upstream? And as I question, I realize my faith is so small, I realize I am not trusting in God's perfect timing and perfect plan. So, this evening when I got home, I was reading through my devotional, and Luci Swindoll gave a great top ten list of things to work on (see below). This list sort of slaps me in the face, which I not only appreciate, but I also need. XO

     1. Be content with what you have.
     2. Stop Comparing.
     3. Count your blessings.
     4. Quit personalizing every comment.
     5. Maintain a servant spirit.
     6. Do the unexpected for a loved one.
     7. Keep a heart of gratitude.
     8. Don't be negative.
     9. Respect yourself.
    10. Take God at His word.

This is the life...

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