Tuesday, October 4, 2011

For the Love of Marmalade

Hi Friends. Isn't it funny the objects we are attracted to? A few weeks ago when Mom and I were at The Country Living Fair, a booth had one lonely marmalade jar. I was so drawn to the gorgeous black graphic. I was startled by it's $38 price tag, but I was really in love with this object. I showed it to my mother, who promptly told me you used to be able to buy these at any old grocery store. She thought she had one at home, in storage, and insisted that I didn't purchase it. Well, I should have known better...my mother goes on these purging binges, where she will throw away anything and everything. She will discard old photographs, mementos, antiques. Always a few days later she will tell me about her most recent binge and curiously ask if I had wanted any of that old stuff! My response is always the same and includes a rather dramatic eye roll. Back to my point...this wonderful jar. So, I checked Ebay and there were a few listed, but I really hate Ebay so I didn't bother with it. I did find a company on Etsy called Charming Interiors who used it as a vessel to pour their candles into. To be honest when I ordered it from her, I wasn't that interest in the candle portion of it. However once it arrived and I took one whiff of the spicy cranberry sent, I was sold, this was an extra good buy (I would highly recommend her amazing soy candles by the way)! Within a week, my mother had made finding these jars her mission. She has since found two others at local antique shops. And so the collection begins! XO

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  1. Love this jar! Love your posts too! I will have to check that little shop out!