Saturday, October 29, 2011

Distracted by a Baby Shower

Hello Friends! I wanted to share some pictures of a baby shower I attended this morning. This was for one of my favorite co-workers, Sara. She held my position previous to me, so when I came in, she showed me the ropes. We share a bond over the joys and miseries of this particular position. Her baby, Chloe, isn't due until the end of December, but we knew we better plan a party before the holidays hit. I was in charge of decorations, which was such a blessing. You see, the past few weeks have been extra difficult, Nick and I have been dealing with some very difficult and painful things in our church. All the while my amazing mother had a slight cancer scare and Friday morning I found out my cousin in New York passed away. I feel so emotionally exhausted. Part of me didn't think I had the strength and energy to put into this shower. But it was such a blessing, I knew I had to focus and do my part to make Sara's day wonderful. So, I did my best to set everything else aside and focus on this. The shower ended up being perfect. It was a challenge since our office conference room isn't so pretty. We had mums for centerpieces, paper punched elephants for confetti, an adorable homemade banner, and delicious food (including cinnamon rolls with hot pink icing). It was truly a beautiful distraction. XO

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