Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nine Days in Paradise

The very worst thing about vacation is trying to adjust back to your ordinary life when you get home. This year we were incredibly blessed to stay at our friend's condo on Hilton Head Island. It took me a few days to adjust to the pace of things on the island, but once I got used to it, leaving broke my heart. We were there for nine wonderful days. We slept in every day (you really appreciate sleeping in when your alarm typically goes off at 4:45 AM). We would hit the beach after breakfast searching for shells, then head to the pool until lunch. We would eventually get cleaned up and head out for dinner. We spent nearly half of our nights listening to acoustic guitar and sitting on the deck at The Salty Dog Cafe, which was so much fun. At night we would hit the beach again and watch the sun go down, which was so romantic. We even had mini-adventures involving renting a tandem bicycle (way harder that you would think) and a short trip to visit Savannah, Georgia. All the tension and stress and to-do lists disappeared. Our condo had a private beach, which meant at the very most we were sharing miles of beach with a handful of people, but usually it was just us! I got sunburnt, ate decadent food, read books, prayed heavily, and really connect with my wonderful hubby. It was paradise.

There were hundreds of shells on the beach.

A perfect in-tact sand dollar.

The view from our condo balcony.

Loved the aged color of the pier.

My favorite picture of Nick at the beach.

Our little stretch of paradise.

No one around for miles.

The sunsets were stellar.

The view from the pier at Salty Dog Cafe.

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