Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Man and A Muffin Pan

Hello Friends. Yesterday I promised photos of my latest antique store goodies. Most of the items I purchased will be listed in my Etsy shop (those photos will be coming this week). I have realized with Etsy, you must constantly add to your shop, keeping things new and interesting for your customers. I enjoy shopping for the items I plan on listing because I pick things I would want in my home as well. That way, if something doesn't sell, I am not disappointed that I got stuck with it. And again, I try to only stock my little store with items that are easy to ship.

But I have to tell you, for owning such a tiny home, I absolutely love big items. The larger the piece the more I am interested in it. I admittedly have an obsession with mannequins. Yesterday I acquired my fifth male mannequin...oh my is he handsome! When I try to explain to people that my collection of male mannequins fills my dinning room, they look at me a bit concerned. But somehow in my head it works. Yesterday I also acquired this huge muffin pan that would bake 35 muffins at once! How unique. I haven't decided where it might be going yet....either on the coffee table or above the upper cabinets in the kitchen. Either way, it's really a fun piece. So these are my favorite scores from yesterday and they are keepers! What about you have any odd or unique collections? XO

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