Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Great Pumpkin

Hello Friends! Happy Saturday to you. Today I wanted to share with you, what might be, my all time favorite Etsy purchase. Here is the thing, I don't ever decorate for fall. See, I hate fall. The reason I hate fall is because it leads to winter and an Ohio winter is a miserable thing. So while most people love to see the leaves change, drink pumpkin lattes, and cozy up their home will all sorts of fall decor, I sort of cringe at the whole thing. But then something unexpected happened...I stumbled up an Etsy store called The Old White House. Among her lovely items was a vintage grain sack pumpkin! Within a few minutes she was mine, all mine. There was no hesitation, no questioning, no doubt. It arrived and it was even more lovely in person. Slowly the idea of fall is warming my heart, and I am wondering if fall isn't really so bad after all?! XO


  1. Thank you Anna! I am so glad that you like it! I know what you mean about winter... it is far too long for me too, but I do enjoy a good snowfall. As long as I am having a cup of hot chocolate by the fire ;-)
    I feel honored to be featured here and to be able to bring you a little Autumn decor!
    Thanks again! t. xoxooxox

  2. What a cute purchase :)
    Being in Hawaii all my life, I've always dreamt of a White Christmas. I would love to experience the winter and some snow :) Maybe we can switch locations during winter ^^.

  3. Oh Merissa, I would take you up on that offer in an instant! A "White Christmas" is beautiful, it's the dreary, bitterly cold, snow up to your rump January-March that is unforgivable! :)