Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Have you met Ashley?

I could write about Ashley all day long. I am truly blessed to have two wonderful sister-in-laws. They are such lovely girls. I love Ashley and Jessica like they were my own actual sisters. I was so excited for Ashley to go to Prom again this year. I love seeing her all dressed up, she is such a knock out! This year was interesting. Nick and I showed up and she was about to cry. She hated her hair. She went to a fancy salon and the gentleman who charged her big bucks for her style said her hair was too heavy to put in an up-do. So, he pulled her hair to the side, put a tremendous amount of pins in it, and curled a few pieces. As soon as I saw the look on her pretty little face, I thought, this will not do! So her Mom and I took her into the bathroom and gave her an up-do (a gorgeous up-do if I can say so myself...wonder if I missed my calling to be a stylist?)! She was thrilled with the result and went on to have a wonderful evening. Jessica has a formal dance to go to later this month and I will be thrilled to see her all dressed up too. Hope your week is going well my friends! XOXO

Ashley and Todd Prom 2011

Check out the up-do!

She has a hot brother too!

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