Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Saturday!

Hello my friends! Happy Saturday to you! It's a beautiful sunny day in my neck of the woods, which is's been raining for what has felt like forever. This morning Nick had a speaking engagement which turned out really well. We got to visit with some old friends that mean the world to us. And (how wonderful) they prepared an entire table of gluten free food for Nick...they really went above and beyond! We felt loved and spoiled. This afternoon I have been tinkering on Etsy. Early this morning, since there was finally some natural light pouring into our windows, I was able to catch up on some product shots. I added a few items to Etsy this afternoon and updated a few existing items too. I feel like I have been doing nothing but posting treasuries lately, so I want to post some updates/edits to my store. Hope all is well my friends. XOXO

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  1. I understand about being rained in, Ohio has been so gloomy and rainy. Your list is darling. Really the one that says "Mother" is that a handkerchief?