Monday, April 18, 2011

Canton Artists League Spring Show

Hello friends! I wanted to share with you something fun I did this weekend. Our friends Carrie and Carri invited us out to The Canton Artist League Spring Show at The Cultural Center for the Arts. I was so excited. I love when creative minds come together. It's such a neat experience to walk through these kind of shows, to see what the artists have created, and to get the chance to meet the artists themselves. There is something very personal about purchasing directly from the artist. It's completely different than buying a mass produced print from Target, you know? So many of the booths were lovely and unique. I only purchased two things, but I wanted to take the opportunity to share them with you here.

When I came upon the booth of Andrea Lynn it was as if I had come upon a visual feast! The print I purchased from her is actually going to be an Easter present for my mother (you can keep a secret, right?) who just so happens to love silhouettes. I loved her interesting take on the add the bunny on top of the lady's fun! The second item I bought was a book...from the artist himself! I had read that famous Etsian Timothy Adam was going to be giving a talk on Etsy selling. Of course our alarm clock never went off and we missed the presentation. However, it actually seemed to work out better because I got a little bit of one on one time with him and was able to pick his brain. He was a fantastically kind, down-to-earth person who I felt very honored to meet. He has a great blog with tons of helpful Etsy tips. Have a look at my goodies below! XOXO

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  1. I hope your Mom will like the print! and thank you for stopping by. Also while I was here I couldn't help myself and looked at your Etsy shop. I really love the vintage charm.