Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fun With Chalkboard Paint

A Simple Jar

Vintage Spoon 
Flower Bucket 
A Vintage Plate
We have been playing around with chalkboard paint...just using it on simple items we already have around the house. What fun! We were inspired by items Pottery Barn featured in their magazine about a year ago. They were charging over a hundred dollars for platters with chalkboard paint on them! We loved the concept, just not the price tag! We have added some of these items to our Etsy shop.

 We are also in the beginning stages of planning our garage sale. Our little town does an annual garage sale weekend every May. We live on a main street in our town so we get a lots of traffic. Last year we just threw stuff together the night before. This year, there is going to be a lot more planning involved. I want to have the prettiest garage sale on the street (what aspirations right)! I don't want to be one of those people that just fills their yard with junk, I am going to put lots of handmade craft items out this year and see if there is any interest.

I have had a lot of crafty little things running through my mind lately, however I am just lacking the time and energy to get very much of it done. My heart is still a bit heavy...God is working on my little heart in a big way right now. For the first time in my life, I have clearer understanding of who God has made me to be and what he wants me to do.

Now I just have to be patient and pray. I also have to trust that God wouldn't create desires in my heart that He wan't prepared to fill. And in all this I have realized you can have an understanding of His will, but be very unclear of His plan.

There is a bible verse that has penetrated my heart to the point that it feels like this verse flipped my world upside down. So many things were revealed to me in this verse and it's something that I focus on daily. However, even though I know that God was speaking truth into my life in this verse, I have no idea how I am going to get to the place I need to be. God doesn't reveal everything to us, but we must take comfort that He knows the plans He has and He has it all taken care of. We just have to quiet our hearts and listen.

Well friends, I feel like I have gone on and on. I really meant to just post about chalkboard paint...but I guess there is a lot on my heart right now that I want to share. At a later point I will share with you the verse that has opened my eyes and confirmed all the little whispers going on in my heart. XOXO

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