Friday, February 4, 2011

Pretty & Smart Treasury

Here is my third Etsy Treasury this week, this one is called, Pretty & Smart. I have really been enjoying playing around with this feature on Etsy...but it's one of those things that I have to be careful I don't spend too much time doing. Sometimes I think I can get so wrapped up into what's new on Etsy or what people are blogging about, that I never actually get around to creating things for myself. It's almost like I just want to take in all these beautiful creative images all day, but can forget to take that inspiration and run with it.

Anyways, I headed back to work today. What a bummer! I would so much rather have been home crafting! But I am so glad the weekend is here. Tonight we are going out with dear friends for an early birthday celebration! We are going to a little local place for pizza...and if I am lucky...maybe a slice of cheesecake too! Yum! I hope your week ended well! Thanks for visiting my friends! XOXO


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  1. there is some seriously awesome stuff in this post!