Monday, December 6, 2010

A Little Candle Light

Saturday evening Nick and I headed to Historic Roscoe Village for their annual tree lighting ceremony. With all the rush of the season, I really needed some time to focus and enjoy some simple pleasures. Work has been overwhelming, our church is going through some intense growing pains, and I was feeling admittedly like a grinch. So we bundled up and drove a little over an hour south. Before the ceremony we just walked the streets of this historic 1830's restored canal town. The walkways were lit with little votives in mason jars and snow was gently falling.

 Then, as the tradition goes, they read a Christmas themed story, sing a few Christmas songs, and light the big beautiful tree. My favorite part is the singing of "Silent Night." Before the ceremony begins candles are handed out. Someone on stage lights their candle and then lights their neighbors and so on. As your candle is lit, you begin singing "Silent Night." As the song gets louder the light gets brighter. And there you are, among strangers, sharing this beautiful moment together.

Nick and I have decided this will become an annual Christmas tradition for our family. We saved our half melted candle stubs and put them in a mason jar when we got home. We are going to collect our candles every year in that jar...and think back on this simple, yet splendid, ceremony. Hopefully we will be reminded that we need to be a light to the world....and that our light loses nothing when it is shared with others.

XOXO, Anna

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