Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Prayers For Our Friends

As I was getting ready this morning (dreading all the little tasks I needed to accomplish at work today), Nick came into the bathroom with a very concerning look on his face. He said,"We need to pray for Chris and Shelli, South Korea just got bombed." My heart sank and I got that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach.  We count Chris and Shelli as some of our very best friends. I blogged about their adorable wedding over the summer. Right after their wedding they traveled to Seoul for teaching jobs. They call us every now and then and we get updates of their adventure. Things are going so well there for them, they are growing in faith, growing as people, and growing together as a couple. But in the midst of all that...this happens. They grew up in a small town and now they are in and amongst war! My stomach was in knots all day just thinking about how far away that is from our day to day reality. I want to grumble and gripe about paperwork and our friends are in an unfamiliar country while it's being bombed! It's instant perspective. So please, any one that may be reading this, lift up prayers for the safety and protection of our amazing friends! XOXO

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  1. of course! I'm sure you're so concerned! I hope you've heard from them. Oh Lord, keep them safe!