Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another Trip to the Antique Mall

Matching them!
Classic Mason Jars
Simple Graphic Sign

If it were up to me, I would probably visit our local antique mall every weekend. Unfortunately my wonderful husband does not feel the same way. That's okay though, because when we do go, it always ends up being worth the wait. I love the hunt...never knowing what goodies you may find. We went a few weeks ago and came home with some treasures. My favorite items were the matching guy/gal mannequins. What a steal at $20 a piece. You very rarely see guy mannequins. We also picked up a few mason jars, common yes, but also so charming. At $4 a piece, you simply can't find a better vase. And finally, we came across this "Antiques" sign. It's simple, but I appreciate it's graphic quality. Truth be told, I will be patient...but I can hardly wait for our next trip! Hope your week is going well my friends! 


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