Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kitchen Teaser

Here is just a little teaser of our kitchen project. As you can see the walls went from robin's egg blue to a creamy neutral from Restoration Hardware, called Ash. The doors of the upper cabinets were taken off and turned into display space. The lower cabinets were painted Slate.The cabinets on the other side of this picture were entirely removed (more photos to come later, I promise). We also got a really nice modern ceiling fan and removed the decorative wooden trim above the sink.

We still have much to do. We have ordered a mercury glass pendant light from Pottery Barn to hang above the sink. My mother is working on burlap coffee bags to make into little cafe` curtains (shutters are going to be removed). And we just got an estimate to redo our flooring. Unfortunately our floor is not in good shape, so in order to lay down new flooring, a sub floor would need to be first installed. We got sticker shock at the $1,800 estimate! So, we are still considering our options here.

We are rather happy with the changes so far. Obviously we would have loved to completely remodel, but on our little budget, it just wasn't an option right now. We actually have spent very little money to update things. Paint, hardware, and a ceiling fan were pretty much all we spent money on. But I think we have accomplished our goal of turning this kitchen into something a touch more modern. Everything about the way it was before felt very country and my tastes are straying from that direction. Thanks for taking a look...more photos to come as this project continues on!


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