Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hunting for Treasures

This morning we paid a visit to our favorite local antique mall. Every holiday weekend they have big sales and who can resist a bargain? Not me. We found several treasures on this trip but my two favorites are an antique window that looks as if it came right out of a church and a rusty sign that advertises chocolate bon bons (not that I can eat chocolate anymore, but you can't fault a girl for dreaming). The last pictures posted is of an industrial cart that we got on out last trip to this particular antique mall. I just love the joy of a good treasure hunt. Thanks for taking a look at my goodies, have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! XOXO, Anna


  1. that industrial cart is AMAZING! What a great find! thanks for the tip on the magazine! I want to go check it out ASAP!

  2. Just made my way over from the BYW course. I love that cart1

  3. Aloha Anna,
    That window IS beautiful! I would totally bring it my husband's dismay...haha! I can see this window as a pretty jewelry display or even sitting on a dresser or mantel. It's shabby chic! Love it!